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Re: Be cool, I’m out.

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Re: Be cool, I’m out.

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Sup bitches, back in the saddle with the flu over here. Yep, surgery to recover from and the flu…did you know its possible to feel so bad that your perception of time is affected? It’s true, I’ll lay down for a nap and sleep 2 hours and think it 10 or sleep 24 and think it 2.

Once I censor some of the pics I can show all you guys my scar and incision (since I know you are all dying in anticipation)

Come to think of it….this bone disease started when I started listening to SOS…


Here’s a funny little skibbit. Any of you ever been naked in front of 7 strangers at once….well I have now and let me tell you that farting REALLY eases the tension!