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Re: BC-003 – Yep another one

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Re: BC-003 – Yep another one

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It’s just you Bucho.

It’s just you Mike.

-j/k. I started another recording that was lost (damn iRiver locked up) an on it I was talking about how pissed off you guys probably were because my iPhone keeps distorting in recordings. I’m going to make an effort to figure out how far away I have to put the devices to make it stop today, before I record again. Because yeah, it’s super fucking annoying, and it’s the one thing I can do shit to stop. It’s always done it. AT&T network phones always provide a degree of noisy shitola to speakers and other electronics, but the iPhone with all of it’s fancy emailing and whatnot does it much worse.

Thanks for pointing it out (I could very well have no noticed since we all know I don’t listen), sorry it’s bugging your earhole.