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Re: Automobiles for play…

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Re: Automobiles for play…

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Didn’t I just post here about that trailer (and hinted at the GN) last week?

Anyway, I saw it, I giggled like a school girl (I always do this when I see one), then I was irritated. At least “Life” last season didn’t screw up the one on the show. It angers me when this happens, because it decreases my chances of ever having anothe one.

I keep seeing a promo spot for local station NBC 5 and how it’s been around for 60 years. During it, they feature the ’87 Grand National, and in another one they feature the ’92 GMC Syclone… if you don’t know what that is, think GN, slightly larger displacement, all-wheel drive… oh, yeah and a truck bed. Anyway, I grin like a retard with Skittles for 10 minutes after I see one.

Rob, I wasn’t aware that you actually liked them that much.