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Re: Automobiles for play…

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Re: Automobiles for play…

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mike3point14159 wrote:
I guess I’m one of those anal retentives fuckers that gets pissy at the smallest imperfection. (except for spellin)

First of all its called a “Road Train” not a “Land Train”.

Second of all, a Road Train consists of three full size trailers, not four half size trailers.

Third of all, as far as I know only Australia allows Land Train/ tripple main(45′) trailers. (the tripple trailer big rigs you see in America are 23′ dry freight trailers.)(some states do allow double main(2 X 45′)but only on limited access interstate roads)

Fourth of all, those 23′ trailers only hold 4500 gallons max. 4500 X 4 = 18,000 gallons of liquid.
for that to equal 1.4 million dollars, that means the liquid they have in them is $77 per gallon.

Other than that, I’m all for it.

Oh yeah, idiot, what about this!