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Re: Anyone seen that P.O.S. “Shutter?”

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Re: Anyone seen that P.O.S. “Shutter?”

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I agree with The Cap that being in a legally and morally binding relationship with someone who’s television viewing habits are either CSI or Dancing with the stars can be a lot to deal with.

Personally I think the best strategic move at this stage of the relationship is to remove movies as the main entertainment of the date proper. I mean you got all them theatres for live shit and all that stuff, surely somewhere there is a place non-drinking 30 somethings can go to socialize and unwind (that doesn’t cost you a gabazillion dollars)

Besides if all dates are movie dates the “excitement” quickly burns out.

Buy her a stuffed animal and a gas-powered dildo..with a gallon of lube, if she laughs keep her, if she says ok then run away scared and cover your ass.

“He Knoweth that Knowledge is Knowing”