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Re: And my mouth is numb

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Re: And my mouth is numb

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Man, I winced when you described that cutting … mouth injuries are a special kind of hell. Like when I’m chewing and I bite a lip or my tongue, if someone asks if I’m okay in that first 30 seconds I feel like decking them, it’s irrational and ridiculous but an unavoidable instinct it seems. You probably feel like smashing me right now. 😀


As a result, if me or my bros ever catch each other in such a circumstance we consider it our duty to taunt, “Feeeeel the paaaaiiiinnn, feeeeel the paaaaaiiiiiinnnn …” to try and actually force the victim into insanity.

You better wear a bib for a while anyway mang, numb mouths drool like a bastard. And for the love of Jerry, leave a voicemail while your yapper’s numb, I dare you. [Arnie]Doooo eeeeet[/Arnie].

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.