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Re: An iTunes bitch

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Re: An iTunes bitch

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Newman, I agree with the PSP analogy. Hell, I have a PSP and it’s not because of the games, that’s for sure. I don’t even look at the PSP section of game stores. I really really wish that they would incorporate some kind of ‘audio only’/’video’/’both’ type of search option.

Rob, I watched the Clerks 2 video podcast stuff too, and I thought it was entertaining, but doing the video podcast thing was completely different to me than any audio podcast (not that I’m saying you had some opposing point). I had to make special effort to watch it at home, or only on breaks on my PSP after converting the video files, etc. I don’t know how people watch and keep up with mulitple video podcasts during a week’s span.

Part of the magic of podcasts (oh, I’m sorry, now ‘netcast’, ‘webcast’, ‘nutcast’, ‘blogcast’…) was that I was at work, yet, in my head I was listening to all these great shows with opportunity to learn, laugh, stay updated on current events, and more while everyone around me was working while listening to shitty repeat 10 song playlists on the radio. It was great! I’d come home from a drab-ass workplace and tell my girlfriend all the cool stuff I learned or about how I heard a really funny thing. Usually too many to remember. Then after listening to a lot of shows where it was just a couple people droning on about their lives time and time again and realizing it’s getting old and boring quick, I said I wanted to start exploring more shows hopefully with the same results as last summer, I was like, “I can’t fucking find an audio show!”. I think the magic is dead.

Just so there’s no confusion, and I’m not kidding here; I’m not talking about this show at all. This is one of the only shows that I’ve stuck with without question. I guess it takes a step back once in a while to see and remember that you guys have exceptional talent in this.