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The thing that’s really creepy is that the partial torsos and the pussy-hips and whatnot; Wouldn’t fucking that shit make you feel like the Cleveland Torso Killer or some other serial chopper/murderer/necrophiliac? What happens if you skimp out on a few extra bucks, buy the flat-back torso only, and then grow so attached that you can only blow to quad-amputees? Now you’re living with Springer shit all because you’re a cheap-ass.

I tell you one thing; if I had access to one of the full figure dolls. I wouldn’t fuck it, but instead I’d seriously prop it up everywhere and do all kinds of jump-kick ninja-style ass kickings on it. I’d kick it off roofs and shit. Punch it in the face a bunch. That would be worth 7g’s. I’d have a blast.

On top of all that, these things have wigs? Aw man, I’d have a party and a half being able to yank the wig off the bald head and pretend I’m in The Crying Game or some shit. All day long. I’d pretend to be puking and then I’d start laughing and slap it across the face. It’d be like ‘My Buddy’ for grown-folks.