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Aura of hate
rob wrote:
I don’t know if I should take it as a compliment or not — “Hey, you remind me of the guy who created the Church of Satan!” It’s not everyday I hear something like that, unless you’re one of my ex-girlfriends. And yeah, I’m agnostic, not atheist. BIG difference.

And I respect you guys that want to worship angels or devils or little Chinese guys or whatever, just don’t expect me to wear goat leggings when I come to the forum, k, guys?

In other words, let’s try to leave the religiosity talk off of the switched:on forum, okay? This is supposed to be about nice wholesome things, like circus bear penises and smelly grandfathers who like to hug you too much.

Eh it was more of the out ward spoken bit dude….and sorry for the mix up! Total misunderstanding!

Hell I could care less I never even mentioned it…just…said congrats….

I agree! Hell if you want me to nex my avatar I will! Just say!