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Re: 3yrs Today

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Aura of hate wrote:
Bing wrote:
Ah, lord Satan you’re here…if you would please see to the radicals looking for the virgins, that would really help things along….or is that why you are 3 years late???

Lord Satan??? Dude you got the wrong guy! Heh…not Satan just a servant…heh I love the normal budging I get for that heh. Radicals? You mean the islamic folk? Oh Hell Satan would never claim them…they are disgusting, only jesus and the paw paw loving allah or how ever you spell it would take them. But who does not like a good virgin? Of proper age mind you. Nope I am late because I am a busy twit that hates forums for the most part….


Well you take it well….heh you remind me allot of Anton LaVey (mind you I hate his seduo Satanism….must not rant…don’t hate you though you admit to being atheist) Yeah I am sure you appeal to us odd folk.. we do enjoy a twisted laugh and I know allot of like Jerrie’s and your type of music…so yep I will make sure to send a few this way even if you guys never make another show.

(heh what a first post response)
Aura 😈

Radical are radicals…learn to dictionary…I had to, so do you! XD 0_o

Also, LeVey was an ….perhaps I best not go there, anyway…