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Re: 117b


Battery powered nose hair trimmer … for kids.
Double barrelled flame thrower … for kids.
Studded leather gimp suit … for kids.

I liked the mostly serious angled look at the growing up stuff, like how you realise one day how much time kids seemingly waste worrying about what other people think of them and being overly self-conscious, or remembering vividly when some girl puts you down for being scared to kiss her (apparently I was “dry” when I was 11), or how important it was to have the right clothes. And that old cliche of thinking youth is wasted on the young and how cool would it be to be 16 again and know what you know now, or even younger when the cops can’t collar you worth a damn.

The wind noise was real bad, probably the worst thing I’ve heard on SOS, yes, worse than sleepy voicemails. But even though the last lunch, with the retarded yo momma on tv, didn’t produce anything memorable it still never really lost me, I guess because I like the guys enough that having them talk about mundane stuff doesn’t make it boring necessarily. Again, I don’t know why I’d rather have the SOS lads in autopilot mode on my mp3 player than most heavily produced radio or podcast shows but that’s how it is. So I’ll get off your back about the wind noise and shit.

Also, that last idea of Jerry’s about acting as if you’re adamant about some plainly wrong fact would be awesome to play out if you guys visit a video rental or appliance store or musical instrument shop or something, with some person whose job includes offering advice or information that you can contradict.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.