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Re: 116


Rob’s story of the fuckwit driver getting nailed by the cop and then Rob hollering in triumph was sweet. Same kind of thing happened to me a while back with a red light runner and I was hollering as I drove past that loser too.

Version3 wrote:
The thin thing comes into play because of the huge number of mediocre women that are classified as “hot” and the only thing they have in common is being thin and in the public eye. I’ll see 7 hotter women on my way home today.

Sure, but you’re just talking about looks in that case. For someone with a profile there’s a persona that comes into the equation and for a lot of guys Ricci’s character is a lot of the turn on. For purely physical attributes I’m with you that a woman is way hotter if she’s shaped like one.

- Women sense my power and they seek the life essence.