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Re: 108 Political bits – not edited

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Re: 108 Political bits – not edited

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Shortbus Reject
mike3point14159 wrote:
Do you really think the government and or the president give the slightest shit about listening to trillions if not quadrillions of law abiding americans phone calls?

They are looking for the people that wand to do harm to this country. And if by chance the overhear me ordering pizza, then so be it.

They are trying to take away your freedom to get exploded to death.

Seems to me that this wire “wire tapping” program that so many people are tickled shitty about is no new event in politics. The last time it was implemented was in the mid ’90’s by everyone’s favorite “king of morality”…..Brother Clinton. No matter what anyone thinks about terrorism, 911, or the war in Iraq, the fact remains that despite the fact that we had several chances to capture and-or kill Captain Bin Laden between 1993 and 2000……and more frequently from 1997 to 2000. Maybe there were some major oversights during the first 9 months of the current administration’s 1st term, but the blame cannot by any means fall solely on the so called “incompetent” in office presently.

I too hate politicians, and wish that there was someone to take office that would actually employ some protective tactics to secure the homefront……not just the overseas conflicts. However, we just so happen to be engaged in a battle with an adversary with no uniform….holding no flag…carrying with them nothing but a sick philosophy of morality and hypocracy…and the heads (literally) of Jews (hmm) and anyone with dissenting beliefs (or who have no ability to defend themselves).

We are among 300 million others who, despite popular consensus, are free to disagree, argue, hate, and speak without fear of our beliefs. I am pleased to see people standing for what they believe, however they believe. One fact remains blatantly obvious…..for anyone to see, should he or she choose to look in that direction…5 years since the attack on our soil. Relatively minor inconveniences on our personal freedoms…Ever fluctuating states of terror alerts which means perpetual change to travel security standards. How many incidents have we had in the past five years? Not for lack of intent…How the fuck do we find and stop this madness if not to employ tactics that may squeeze the public into outcry of oppression?….

At present, we have an executive officer that is not the most eloquent, and may have an abrasive sense of speech and demeanor. However, he does follow his words with actions. No politician is devoid of shit…that I will admit…present president not excluded! He does pander far “left” of his party….that is a fact. I’m sure that most of the people who will read this will vomit in disgust, and this next statement will epitomize just why. My criticism of the president is that he is far too liberal on national security. Not only do I believe that, but his pandering to special interest groups (entitlement programs…welfare…social security) and other oxymoronic inefficiencies. Whoever believed, or believes that government should provide for welfare, socialized anything, and, in gerneral, a diaper has succumbed to the endoctrination of organizations, which give rise to such bleeding fucktards like environmental terrorist groups that target businesses like mine (furniture, and lumber products). By the way, does anybody know why our American forests more densely populate much larger areas than that of even 30 years ago? Yes….Lumber companies like Plum Creek who plant 10 trees for every 1 harvested.

Anybody interested in alternative fuel sources? Does anyone know how much energy is necessary to separate a hydrogen molecule from an oxygen molecule? You do know that hydrogen doesn’t exist by itself on Earth, don’t you? Massive amounts of electricity is necessary to separate hydrogen from oxygen….A process by which we need electricity provided almost entirely by the harvesting and burning of coal. Coal does not burn clean. Far more pollutants are released into the atmosphere by way of coal and our obsessive need for power and electricity than will ever be released by way of automobile emissions. This also pales in comparison to one single eruption of Mount Saint Helens. In the early ’80’s she erupted and released more pollutants into the atmosphere than the entire history of mankind. This is just one of many, and by way of comparison is small. What I am saying is that the Earth has endured its share of trauma. We are but a bump in the road.

Sorry to be so fucking abrasive, but there is a political stick in my ass and I’m about to have a stroke. I truely love listening to SOS and will continue to do so despite this minor disagreement. My wife has just pulled into the garage in her SUV which, surprisingly enough, emits 20% less pollutants ‘n’ shit into the atmosphere than my year old, 35 mpg Suzuki Aerio. Goddamn SUV’s killing us all! In parting, I will apologize for my fucking rant and hope that you will not burn me at the SOS stake.

Your friend—Global Warming Reject