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Re: 108 Political bits – not edited

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Re: 108 Political bits – not edited

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It just annoys me that every single show I listen too, eventually pisses me off by spouting political opinion’s that are not mine. And I mean every single one. I am a conservitive republican athiest. Forget the athiest part, I dont really care when people spout religion. It’s a fight I know I cant win so I just have to deal with the fact that almost everybody claims to believe in god. Short aside here, I am of the opinion that if people REALLY believed in god then they would never do anything wrong ever, EVAR. But back to my main point.

I can live with listening to shows that have hosts that are of a diffrent political persuasion than am I. Just dont mention it. I can think of 2 shows out of the 30 or 40 I listen to regularly that havent pissed me off from time to time by being liberal or democrat and telling me that they are, if you just wouldnt say anything I would be much happier. Why is it that the overwhelming majority of shows are hosted by liberals? twisted pickle, walrus daily podcast, slacker astronomy, biterest pill, obtuse angle, the official lost podcast, penn jillette, the ricky gervais podcast, twit, tiki bar tv, everybody on the adam corolla show except adam, ante up poker, ask a ninja, brain food, diggnation, drive time, ebert and roper, engadget, its jerry time, joe cartoon. All of them liberals. Just shut up about it and I will be fine. Why does slacker astronomy have to piss me off every few weeks? they should be about remedial level astronomy and thats it, but no, evil george w isnt funding the spitzer telescope as much as they would like so they go on a bash fest. the obtuse angle show is about random brain ramblings, jumping from topic to topic like he has no short term memory, like that guy in memento, but drift into colon powell or rumsfeld and its laser like focus and start the conservitive bashing.

I like stephen king’s books. I know he is a liberal, but he doesnt spout off about it in his books (too much). he will talk about his political views in other places like lectures or on a talk show. and I can live with that.

james w. hall is just as liberal as king but he sticks his politics into every book he writes, and it keeps me from enjoying them.

Sometime I just get overwhelmed with the absolute domination of entertainment by people that I dont agree with. 95% of hollywood votes and funds democrat cantidates.

oh yea, those 2 podcasts that have never pissed me off by spouting opinions opposite than mine are the nobody likes onions show and bill oreilly. I am sure most people here hate bill oreilly.

fuck capital letters, and fuck puncuation;

pi out