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  • Sep 03 / 2013
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Yes, The Site is Fucking Broken [UPDATED]


I’ve moved the forums OFF of vBulletin and onto a WordPress-centric platform. I was able to move everything as far as I can tell, BUT you may have to reset your password. Also, to see your images, you may have to edit your profile or some shit. Basically I’ve changed things, but it only affects like 5 of us, so I’m reasonably sure we’ll get over it. Plus look… this shit actually works on  your phone/iPad now. That’s worth it, right?

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But the gallery, the forums and the listen page still work. So now you can just shut your whore mouth and use them.

What happened? The theme used for the site, is old, clunky and somewhat buggy on WP3. Has been since WordPress 3 launched. Sometimes it breaks and a little code update fixes it. Now, it’s likely time to just rebuild things, so until then enjoy this generic theme. Use the menu to get around, that’s what it’s for..

  • May 20 / 2011
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Helpful Products

So back when I made the job-quitting comic book, something someone said got my mind working. A boss a level or two up said something like “…what a great way to soften the blow giving bad news!” When going over how the whole thing went later that day, it occurred to me that there is a real need for more fun ways to deliver really bad news. Immediately, I started thinking of products that could be created to help deliver bad news, and here is what I came up with.

For Medical Professionals

There may be very little that is more difficult than delivering bad news to a patient and their family. Not being emotionally attached, you are telling people that they will soon die, maybe even in a very painful fashion. You may even be telling someone’s family that despite your best efforts, you completely failed and now they don’t have a dad, wife or brand new baby. This doesn’t have to be so stressful for you, and who says bad news can’t be a little fun? Continue Reading